All American Video Poker Machine

Available in Lo-Fi and High-Fi versions.

Players can enjoy 3, 6 or 9 lines with Slot XO. This game gives you a choice of retiments and you can find an auto-dauber feature. Easy and simple to operate. Just wait for the XO ball to drop when you have four or less lines showing. If the ball falls on your lines, just hit the Bank button and the Bank will pay you 35:1. You can also play without a Bank button and just hit the Slot XO.

XO offers the same popular payouts and game variations as 3 reel pitch perfect, but like so many other fruit machines these days, some have a Private option, where you can set the coin size for the game. In that case, you can not bet the Bank option and only play the Slot XO.

The game also offers some interesting bonus games, like the Movie Video slot game, where the screen shows the credits cards for the various movies being shown at the time of playing the game. For that reason, the slot game is a little like therecent TV game, “Game Show Network All in Favorites.” The only difference is that this game screen can be re-buy and there are more than one screen.

If you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot while playing the slot game, the money can be cashed in at the casino or the cash can be transferred to your balance bank, usually through an easy transfer method. The phone feature allows you to ring friends and family members and ask them to cash in the jackpot winnings for you.

The slot machine itself is a Pachislo, a small New Japanese slot machine. These machines do not have pull down arms on their sides as the American machines do. They have bright lights and music For the older machines, you will have to insert coins, tokens or tickets to play.

The most interesting feature of the All American Video Poker Machine is that there is a backdoor option, where you can save your coins and turn the machine off without the need to wire money to the casino. The money saved is then transferred to your balance bank.

This is a fantastic game and can be family fun for all the ages. The coin sizes range from 1 cent to $5, $10, $20, $50 and usually the maximum coins per spin are $100. As if that were not enough options, there are also skill games and progressive jackpot games.

The skill games are for the most part unchanged from the original All American Video Poker Machine, but they now offer additional payout options. So now you can play slots and video poker as well as other skill games.

The other great thing about this machine is that it is capable of playing both video poker and regular poker. Video poker is the original poker game. It is still widely popular and one of the best games available.

If you are looking for a quality slot machine that also offers a lot of options, then the All American Video Poker Machine is the one to go with. You can even get a discount on your purchase and offer a customer sign up bonus as well. So what are you waiting for? Choose the All American Video Poker Slot XO Machine today!